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Our Services

Hartman & Citrin LLC can help you identify intellectual property, guide you through the intellectual property protection process, help you build a portfolio of intellectual property assets, and help you manage and leverage your intellectual property portfolio.  


Hartman & Citrin LLC can help you protect your invention in the United States and abroad. Our professionals can help you determine and execute a patent filing strategy that is tailored to your business needs.  Our professionals have prepared and prosecuted patents in a variety of fields including software, telecommunications, mechanical devices, medical devices, aviation and automotive technologies, packaging technologies, weapons technologies, and other technologies.  All of our professionals are licensed to practice before the United States Patent & Trademark Office and have engineering degrees.  Our professionals can guide you through every step of the patent process.  

Hartman & Citrin LLC can help you search patent and non-patent resources to determine patentability of your invention,  determine a filing strategy for patent applications, prosecute your patent applications to obtain the broadest protection available for your invention, and help you realize potential monetization opportunities for your patent assets.   


If you want to protect your brand or your name, we can help you prepare and prosecute trademark applications in the United States and abroad.  We can help you determine a filing basis, classifications of your goods and services, and when and how to execute a trademark application filing strategy.  We also offer trademark search and opinion services, counseling during post-publication procedures such as oppositions, assistance with enforcement of trademark rights, and assist in licensing of trademark rights.  


Whether you already have an intellectual property asset or would like to secure rights to use another's intellectual property asset, Hartman & Citrin LLC can help you navigate the intellectual property licensing process.  Our attorneys have experience drafting and negotiating intellectual property asset license agreements and/or transfers of intellectual property assets.

Other IP Agreements

Hartman & Citrin LLC also can help you draft, review, and/or negotiate other intellectual property agreements such as non-disclosure agreements and assignments, as well as counsel you through other intellectual property transfers such as licensing of know-how, trade secrets, copyrights, or the like.